Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "It's wonderful, isn't it? look at her, doesn't she look gorgeous?"
We've lost gorgeous george. As a matter of fact... this is probably the most gorgeous hotel i've ever seen. This woman is gorgeous. They represent the peculiar thoughts that grow out of your gorgeous mind. Why don't you just relax... and think how gorgeous you'll look with your new red hair, huh? Ada told us. it's gorgeous. sara. "what a truly beautiful wedding, and what a gorgeous bride. It it's gorgeous! you like it? Patchett got me to photograph this cop screwing this gorgeous slut named lynn. Ok. isn't it gorgeous? They're really gorgeous. Why the fuck... did you put gorgeous george... into a bareknuckle boxing match... two days before he had to fight the bomber? That picture is gorgeous, craig. what did you use? If gorgeous doesn't wake up in the next few minutes... tommy knows he'll be buried with him. A great, sweet, gorgeous, coolass guy. She was gorgeous. Oh, he's gorgeous! where'd you come from? It's gorgeous! I fail to recognize the correlation... between losing ten grand, hospitalizing gorgeous... and a good deal. No, it's... you're incredible and gorgeous and sexy. Being up so late, it's gorgeous. It's a gorgeous bird'seye view! Gorgeous! okay, that's beautiful. Who are those two gorgeous women in the kitchen? I think you just can't bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of your sight. Sunshine. gorgeous beaches. Ah. gorgeous. Gorgeous Well, listen, even if it's not the bird, i mean, this is a gorgeous bird. Gorgeous. you used to have a great body, great physique. Gorgeous just the same. can we leave? You'll see by the color that it's got a gorgeous deep amber color, but not the sort of color you'd expect from european oak. That's a gorgeous brain. nice activity. go figure. Hey, gorgeous. Look at these gorgeous sons of bitches. Miss gorgeous here will get you a cocktail. Happy birthday, gorgeous. Can you picture how dropdead gorgeous this city is in the rain? Wow. it's gorgeous. We see a gorgeous frame. You look gorgeous. Look at him. it's gorgeous. Cheers, gorgeous. How's the house, max? is it gorgeous? I said, "well, that would be gorgeous. " Thanks for the gorgeous sendoff. That's like slapping god for giving you a gorgeous gift. Look at those gorgeous chompers. What's goin' on? she's gorgeous! God, you are gorgeous. Look at her, so sweet. cute. totally gorgeous. Hey, baby. look at that smile. you're gorgeous. Let me introduce my gorgeous assistant, miss van eyck. What a gorgeous flower girl your eldest made. L used the leftovers from your mother's design. gorgeous. Fuck. this is gorgeous. Dougie... i gotta tell you, man, this was a gorgeous wedding. All right. first up today, a gorgeous young horse. Yeah? gorgeous. Owen baxter was by far... the most gorgeous ten boy... that ever breathed on this or any other planet. Hey, gorgeous. give me one of those beers, will you? Yeah, gorgeous. i just wanted to... I mean, look at him. he's gorgeous. You must try this. it's my mother's recipe. doesn't this look gorgeous? Hello, gorgeous. you got something for me? Hi, gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gosh, you're gorgeous. isn't that the prettiest girl? Oh, that's gorgeous. Your wife has got that gorgeous glow you get with a first marriage. And absolutely gorgeous. Gen's gorgeous, but you have way better style. Gday, gorgeous. How about you, gorgeous? oh, god. He thinks you're gorgeous. That is gorgeous. perfect. Sometimes i'd like to know what it feels like to be a gorgeous woman. Even if you just walk past her in the corridor... she smells gorgeous. There is a gorgeous woman... masturbating on my bed! I heard you were gorgeous. And when she'd finished then, at last, i mounted circes' gorgeous bed." L know this eighteen bimbette that's gorgeous. hold on. Yeah, he's gorgeous. It's gertrude. gorgeous. Gorgeous? blonde and black. I know, it's just gorgeous... He was supposed to be gorgeous. They're gorgeous! we have to show these to someone. My gorgeous sisterinlaw! But you are bloody gorgeous. Isn't he gorgeous, vanessa? That's gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Hello. hello. oh, she's gorgeous. Tell me, gorgeous, is it hot in here or is it just you? He's gorgeous. It's wonderful, isn't it? look at her, doesn't she look gorgeous?