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That's gail. Hello, gail. Hey, it's gail calling. I miss you, gail. Excuse me. gail. Can you hear that? gail. My wife's name is gail, frank. Gail. of course. Just give him the ones you got with you, gail. Bye, gail. see you next week. Hi, debi, it's gail. oh, hi, gail. "gail. Hey, gail. Gail? hey. He's right, gail. Didn't you used to go out with gail evans? Gail. "gail, little fergus. Veronika! gail! "but i'm finished, gail. I'm gail. That's right. yeah, my name's gail. Honestly, gail. Gail. hey! You know, gail, there's a funny thing about you. And this is the effect that you've had on me, gail. Don't start me, gail. i'm not going to do this now. Wrong arms. gail. Gail, that's very... shut up. i'm not finished. Gail! we try to hide that. Where is he? gail? Gail! gail, it's your mum! Howdy! gail. I suppose gail and cynthia can go. Hey, gail. jeff. The sister's here. who? gail? Oh, gail, that's not fair. Hello? hi, gail. Gail, if i could just interject something here. Gail. no sushi, no salads. What's your name? gail. five weeks. We made gail together? yeah. At least we made gail. Don't say that, gail. please, don't ever say that, okay? I'll always love you, gail. okay? I'm sure daddy won't mind if you use another color, gail. I'll send it to gail, then. Gail, that's my wife, toni. hi. Gail, are we gonna do this? I'm gail. this is cynthia. Fuckin' bitch! oh, my god! gail! Gail, the whole marriage thing, it's probably not as bad as it sounds. Gail? gail? hold on one sec. The thing is, gail, i pick the songs and i pick who sings them. Is that your wedding ring, gail? um, no. Gail, listen to me. look at me. i am. Gail, good morning! how are you this fine day? How are you? this is gail. You'll come back to me, gail. i know you will. Yeah, you should have. wait, wait, gail, before you go. Gail, you want to take these, honey? Gail, are you okay? yeah, i'm okay. Gail, look at me. gail, look at me. I will listen to a certain amount of drunken bollocks, gail, but sex is not just for the men. It could be one of two things, either gail is nervous or unsatisfied. No, the thing is, gail... Make him beg for it. harsh. that's very harsh, gail. Train leaves30 for miami. you're gonna be there, gail? Gail? can i have a word? I met gail a year before i went into thejoint. I heard about it. listen, me and gail are goin' out of town for a couple days. One word from gail and she'll cut me in half. He got a move, like gail said. Jesus, she looks like gail. Gail? gail? Hey, becky. gail said no calls. Gail, there isn't a soldier in vietnam who isn't stoned out of his brain all the time. And father, and, of course, you know gail. hi. Damn it, gail. not right now. You got what you wanted out of us. shut up, gail. We gotta find out who it is and rescue gail. Gail. ron. Well, gail, by this time the hostages should be going through... the early stages of the "helsinki syndrome." Gail! Gail. mr. houston, mrs. houston. Just give them what they want, gail. Look, gail, if i could think of a way to insult a black woman without coming across as racist... well, if you can't, it probably means you are. Seems like every day i'm finding something new i like about gail. And i'm gail wallens, and this is nightline news at00. Not right now, gail. ooh. Gail strikes me as a very beautiful woman, but, you know, there's a little tension in her voice. Gail, you are a commanding presence, on stage as you are in life. I know, i know. gail, listen to me. i'm a loser. what? Well, you know, i suffered an injury from a chickenrelated industrial accident today, gail, so, you know. I'm seeing gail, little fergus, though he's not so little any more, but this was back then. Gail, from the moment we got kicked out of that pub together, i knew you were someone i wanted in my life. Um... be strong, gail! no. no, ron, it's over. Becky? it's over, gail. Please, don't say nothing to gail.