Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "It's like run, forrest, run.", "Twenty six they're headed by a man named, uh, eugene forrest.", "Forrest timmy!", "Easy, forrest gump! we need you.", "Forrest."
You go online, they hated forrest gump. Dr. forrest, i'm so sorry to bother you. Forrest gump puffing away between his box of chocolates. Du forrest, please dial one hundred and twelve Dr. forrest, dial one hundred and twelve please. You mean the guy from "forrest gump" with no legs? Forrest warned me. the bishop. What about you, forrest? We're fine without forrest. We need forrest. I wish you'd quit saying that, forrest. Where do you need us? find forrest! You should've seen forrest out there today. Forrest can't water our fields. he's an old man. Is that... yep. forrest. Yeah. you got to go gentle with forrest. Forrest, can you make that happen asap? Thank you, forrest. Forrest won a bronze star. Come on, forrest, that ain't fair. Come on, forrest. do you think you can trust me? Perhaps if you went to forrest, he might have an idea... Forrest, he like a refugee. yes. Forrest, he come to see me some nights. Hang on. forrest, wait. I thought forrest was gonna run over me with that truck. Wheels! thank you, forrest. For... forrest! Forrest! forrest! Forrest. Easy, forrest gump! we need you. Forrest timmy! Twenty six they're headed by a man named, uh, eugene forrest. It's like run, forrest, run.