Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "The secrets had begun 15 years earlier when my name was angela forrest,", "Run, forrest, run!", "Hey, bubba, it's me, forrest gump."
L'm forrest. L'm dying, forrest. Forrest, we have very different lives, you know. Would you marry me, forrest? Then, l'd sign each letter, "love, forrest gump." His name's forrest. Just run away, forrest. Forrest gump! He got a daddy named forrest, too? Somebody else was saying, "help me, forrest. You would, forrest. Hi, forrest. My name's forrest. Hey, forrest. Forrest is right here. Forrest gump, john lennon. You know why we a good partnership, forrest? Forrest gump. Have you ever been with a girl, forrest? Don't ever let anybody tell you they're better than you, forrest. Forrest, l do love you. Did you hear what l said, forrest? That uniform is a trip, forrest. Come on, forrest. Forrest, Captain forrest gump. Hello, forrest. Life is a box of chocolates, forrest. This is forrest gump. People call me forrest gump. Listen, forrest, l don't know how to say this. Forrest gump, the gardener from greenbow, aiabama, My name's forrest gump. My name is forrest, forrest gump. Forrest, you don't know what love is. L know you wouldn't, forrest. Hello, l'm forrest. L have to, forrest. Generai nathan bedford forrest. Remember what l told you, forrest. Hey, bubba, it's me, forrest gump. Run, forrest, run! The secrets had begun 15 years earlier when my name was angela forrest,