For your father

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "But you mustn't do this for your father or for me, you must do it for yourself, ray and the children."
As you wept for your father? Is about to open the door for your father. He came by looking for your father. And you've been living here so you could do this for your father? Holmes! arranging for your father to drown in his own bathtub... required more modern science. So that with ease... or with a little shuffling... you may choose a sword unbated... and in a pass of practice, requite him for your father. What do you think it would have taken... for your father to kill someone? It must have been very galling for your father to be called william... by one such as myself. Working for your father, helping him with the resettlement... for the freedmen's relief association. We'll wait for your father to come home and when he gets here, i'll tell him that i did it. Is this just for your father? Joseph? yes, i came here with him to pray for your father. By the way, it's fine for your father and i to disagree. Have respect for your father. give me the gun! And besides, i'm not sure it's appropriate for your father to bring you on a business trip. We could prepare that for your father. No, please, we said we were gonna wait for your father, remember? I cared for your father. You know, i worked for your father for over five years. You're not responsible for your father. Let's all go to mass and pray for your father. Tokyo police stopped looking for your father five years ago. I can't believe you. after what i did for your father, your family... You made it for your father when you were young. We'll save some of these for your father for when he wakes up from his nap. For your father. I only came out of respect for your father. But you mustn't do this for your father or for me, you must do it for yourself, ray and the children. your father for your