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Those warren commission fellows were picking gnat shit out of pepper. I seen two fellows following me. What'd these fellows do? cheat at cards? Hey, fellows. you going in? go ahead. Okay. i want you to tell me what these fellows looked like. I brung this for when we kill them fellows. Fellows, meet marion. can you hear me? can you see me? Three fellows just come into town. they're down to greely's. It's on the wall by the two african fellows. Mr perry. keep your seats fellows. I used to sit in on the lectures with the neiman fellows when i was at harvard. Your fellows have attended classes. they've written papers. they've published. You know, we're sitting here... you and i, like a couple of regular fellows. Hell, yes! seen about two hundred fellows packing rifles. You fellows are 'untouchable', is that it? Fellows, if it was up to me kid, we got no beef with you. Excuse me. when you two fellows are done blowing each other, Hopwood, riordan... fellows, mr. corrigan. Bring you these fellows on. Thanks. see you, fellows. All right, you want to talk about guarantees, then... fellows, you just ran out of time. Great, strapping fellows playing silly buggers with a war on. All right, fellows, what we need to do is get this water out of here. Well, you're quicker then most fellows... generally they wait till afterwards! I hear some of you fellows got together on the train last night. 'there's always a cloud in their eye 'pity the plight of young fellows 'regard all their worries and cry 'their christian mothers were lazy perhaps I don't know what you teach these fellows, but they're not regular cops. Surprised to see you fellows in a gin mill. Nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance. Those fellows over there have been making us out... as the seven finest and bravest pilots in all america. It's called pity the plight of young fellows. It's just the other night, them fellows back in them trees we let go. Hey, how are you, fellows? To the new king of stormhold, whichever of you fine fellows it might be. I'm sorry you fellows had to come all the way out. Now, pippip and tallyho, my good fellows, i do believe this chap requires our utmost attention. Lt's all right. we're not here for you, fellows. And those fellows behind us work for him, and they just happen to crash your murder mystery party? He's put more effort than anybody. you fellows decide. An honor i've seen bestowed on mighty fine fellows. Let me have this window, fellows. yes, sir. And riordan, fellows and mr. corrigan. You fellows have nothing to worry about. i'm a professional. And if at your next school the fellows mention it, just shut them up. I also want to thank you fellows. What you fellows got going on, here? There's more! hold on, fellows. hold on, hold on! Rushed into his office, and i, who had been fucking with fellows since the seventh grade, hysterically, at the age of thirty two proclaimed, "dr. So you don't really know a great many grownup fellows. Those fellows are all gone now. Yeah, art has told me that some of your early fellows feared you were stealing their lives. Take it easy, fellows. Hey, fellows, i've got orders from colonel nelec to personally deliver this man back to base. I had little chance, therefore, to talk about such experiences with my school fellows. You know the fellows. yes, i do. Larry fellows... what is your role in stillwater? What else, fellows? Didn't quite work out for you fellows, did it? I'd better ask these fellows how to get back on the expressway. These fellows don't play by the marquess of queen ‒ Those fellows you come to town with are causing some trouble. You fellows certainly know how to put on a secret meeting. You can probably toss with those fellows over there. What's up, fellows? "when they him spy... "as wild geese that the creeping fowler eye... "sever themselves and madly sweep the sky... "so, at his sight, away his fellows fly... " To have stories acted for me by a company of fellows is indeed... When i was in prison, i met a lot of good fellows. What should such fellows as i do crawling between earth and heaven? "horatio, when thou shalt have overlooked this... give these fellows some means to the king. How grand it is to meet the men from all the states, east and west... down here ready to fight for their country... as the old fellows did in the revolution. The only thing these fellows agree on... is there are approximately twelve hours between contagion and eruption. It's for fellows only! Gloster hebing, may i present my fine stock broker, henry fellows? Rich fellows should be in manhattan. These are the fellows that saved my dog. 'pitched at some distant regret 'pity the fate of young fellows and their anxious attempts to forget' These good fellows will bring thee where i am. Pity the fate of young fellows too long a bed with no sleep with their complex romantic attachments And a very rough group of fellows too. Not to denigrate the venice police... but it was one of our fellows that put this together. Come on, buck up, fellows! show some enthusiasm! Hard to remember two fellows passing through. I guess because out of all that dirt and sweat, working with these fellows you wouldn't be caught dead in the daylight with, comes so much beauty. For you new fellows who just joined us, it's the fairest thing in the world. Oh yeah, i was right there in the office with those cid fellows. So, level with me, fellows. It's good to know us short fellows have appeal with the ladies. Enjoy the party, fellows. club's yours. Chances are you'll go far if you get in with the right bunch of fellows people see you havin' fun just alyin' in the sun Good to see you fellows. thank you. Milady, i see unseamanlike fellows of an officiouslooking nature. Er... fellows, if you could go through here... I've enjoyed this episode of oprah here, fellows, but alan, i got the shooter. About, maybe, three or four weeks back, l'd stopped at cruikshank's, and he was in there with three fellows i didn't know, and they didn't look to be having no fun, either. What up, fellows? hey, how you doing? Give us a break, fellows. give us a break. Don't worry about it, fellows. My fellows will return you whence they found you. All right, fellows, let's circle up here. You're about to get rocked by some cool, mellow fellows from brooklyn.