Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Should i tell you about your father?", "On the top level, we open up his relationship with his father... and say, "i will not follow in my father's footsteps.""
You know... you remind me of my father. My father was... a drinker... and a fiend. I hated my father. My father is a noble man. No wonder you're acting the way you are... with a loony for a father. He loves you, father. do not trouble me with faramir... I mean l'm her father. All right, where's my father? It is of no use, father. please, hurry. My mother and father made it come out too early. I even tried to go to summer stock auditions last year but of course my father wouldn't let me. Your father? As you wept for your father? And when my father gets upset, the ground shakes. What does a baby computer call its father? Father, that was a great sermon. made me weep. I guess father was helping out. I'll have to talk to my father. "and to tiny tim, who did not die "he became a second father. The one your father liked so much. So i'm making the bottom level a hospital, so fischer will bring his father. Tell the world. what kind of a father do you think you'd make! Okay. two of 'em. both had my father. it's peculiar. What brings you in here, father? the meat raffle? Blessed father, watch over my wife and son. Which got me thinking, father, that whole type of situation is kinda like you church boys, ain't it? No, no, just a father. any father. I left your father working in the library. Your father and i are getting a divorce. Maybe so, father. My father. no. you just said it. In the name of the father and the son... and the holy ghost. His father was from chicago, wasn't he? no. his dentist was from pensacola. I am their father. the people are my children. Alex loved him like a father. The healing power of the grail is the only thing that can save your father now. We can name him after your father. If you were a father, you'd know. And for the first time i'm gonna do it... whether my father wants me to or not! "a word on the recent assignment of father geoghan... You remind me of your father when he went here. Do you know where he heard it? probably from his father. Your father he is. Just like your father. lazy. arrogant. I'll speak to father wilson. It was the same for me and your daddy... when our father was killed. He didn't say his father was a... Father montgomery. I go help my father with anything. Your father and i, we want to make a present to you. I'm going to give it to my father and tell him to put it on the mantelpiece and imagine it's a firstclass degree in medicine. I made a commitment to your father some twenty years ago... and i'm not willing to gamble with that. But i am one of the two trustees of the lebowski foundation, the other being my father. And your father called you the tumor. When that happened... the good man who was your father was destroyed. He was weak and foolish like his father. What'd you get? relationship with his father is worse than we imagined. Father i wasn't disputing after you've finished medical school... and you're on your own then you can do as you damn well please. I think even my father would recognize that. Bless me, father, for i have sinned. Your father is the man who has disappeared. You either have to be a rich father or a poor one. All right, father. If we get the slightest indication that you're selling these drugs for profit, you could be thrown in jail for a very long time, father. Your father didn't make lieutenant until he was thirty three My father stormed the beach at normandy. Blessed father, watch over my wife and son with a ready sword. For years l prayed every night that my father would die... and finally realized, through a lot of therapy... l was wasting my energy on hating him. You know, when i was carrying you, i was sending out your father for pizza with red peppers and double anchovies Took a poll, did you, father? Your father has died, charlie. Well, i knew his father. Uh, my mother died a long time ago, and my father, i don't know where he is. You know the laws of our country, the laws of your father. By now you must know your father can never be turned from the dark side. Just isn't fair. nothing's fair, father. Did you talk to your father? uh yeah. But my father could not accept bane. I think... man of my dreams... father of my child... this man of mine may kill me. Anna's father was a mess this morning. It's the foundation's money. father doesn't have any. Did your father used to tell you bedtime stories? I told her father we'd take good care of her. ... . but i don't need to do it the way you did... . or my father. We must get him to my father. After your father died, wayne enterprises set up fourteen different defense subsidiaries. Your father would be so happy... if he could see what you're doing for your mother. My father was a doctor. bridger! "and i quote, "'i pray that our heavenly father "'may assuage the anguish of your bereavement "'and leave you only the cherished memory Your father? i thought we were gonna keep our parents outta this. Because i do not forgive your people for taking the life of my father, and his father, and his father before him. Before my father died, he told me that i had a halfsister... that he imprisoned in hel. Brad's father caught them together. Jim, you said you helped out on father barrett as a favor. She's the one who introduced me to father shanley. Yes, father! Father. My father and mother and sisters and my brother eli. On the top level, we open up his relationship with his father... and say, "i will not follow in my father's footsteps." Should i tell you about your father?