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I'm sorry, evey. Don't run from it, evey. Evey, listen to me. Hello, evey. Evey. of course you are. There is? yes, evey. Quick, evey, hide! I'm evey. evey? Evey, please. What? this is my gift to you, evey. Listen to me, evey. You faced your death, evey. Evey? good god! I'm evey hammond. i'm I had to. evey! Evey, there you are. You're evey hammond, aren't you? C'mon, evey, you know there ain't no helping me. Evey you could be in terrible trouble. Mummy! evey' evey! Evey, quick, hide! Sorry, evey. i didn't know what else to do. Tell me, do you know what day it is, evey? But tell me, do you enjoy music, evey? i suppose. Evey. Evey? You don't know me, it's evey maddox. That doesn't sound "fine" to me, evey. Haven't you figured it out by now, evey? God, evey! Evey, we can't live like this. Evey, you don't know what you saw, okay? I need you to be happy, evey. Hello. i'm emilio. evey. Evey... Oh, hey. this is evey. Evey? sweetheart? You have to understand, evey, i didn't want this for either of us... but i couldn't see any other way. Evey. i am struck by their passion and their dedication. Evey... no, i'm not coming back here ever again! But now that i've met david and his lovely wife... ? evey. I fell in love with you, evey... like i no longer believed i could. Oh, christ, evey. you saw him tonight. Hey. i'm evey. hi. how far along are you? Evey... may i ask you for something? I have a gift for you, evey... but before i give it to you, i'd like to ask you something. Do you know why you're here, evey hammond? I will see you then, evey. Hector's not missing, evey. he's just a lazy mexican piece of shit. This socalled v and his accomplice, evey hammond... neodemagogues, spouting their message of hate. Good? evey, raymond's home!