Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Time enough for the earth in the grave.", "We were assigned to watch the earth.", "How on earth did you find me?", "Why on earth would i want to do something nice for you?"
Everything dead on earth except us. Once, for a few weeks, i couldn't feel the earth. ...powerful enough to pull a meteor to earth. The earth says hello. Forget the stars, iook here at the earth... Did you know that there's only one thing on earth that i'm allergic to? And like the snows of yesteryear, gone from this earth. Before i leave this earth... Earth it is. ...we are 3 meters off the earth. For your entertainment, we have the music channel playing retrovids of earth classics. That i was given paradise on earth. Largest landlord on earth. Thousands of us, walking the earth. I will hinder and harm your creature on earth... Earth. Gentlemen, there's more in heaven and earth...'s paradise on earth. Stones not safe on earth anymore. The daleks need information about current earth history. As it is in heaven, so it must be on earth. At least not the earth we know. Most important, how on god's green earth... But this is the richest, most powerful nation on earth, and therefore the most hated. Doctor, the range of this transmitter covers the entire earth. The little girl gets frightened, the most powerful man on earth gets a phone call. What on earth are you talking about? If i use the key, they detonate and the earth gets ripped apart. I was stationed on earth 2000 years. I can feel the earth moving. The earth is cursed with evil. But nothing earth shattering. What on earth is going on? It's heaven on earth or hell. What on earth could smell so bad? The earth commander will follow. Well, last night on earth. As the earth orbiting the sun, This is our last night on earth. Do you know where on earth? It is a new day, on earth and in heaven. Parallel earth, parallel torchwood. You stay classy, planet earth. I caused a lot of suffering on earth, but i devastated heaven. The ashes were trampled into the earth... Monsters roaming the earth? The happiest man on earth... Are you giving me the last night on earth speech? The fourth great and bountiful human empire planet earth at its height. That's what i call peace on earth. This isn't earth, that isn't a real house. An emotional earth weakness of mine. The atmosphere is thinner than earth. Lynda, what's happening on earth? Edgar, what on earth was that? Savage, even by earth standards. There's nothing to tie your spirit to earth. All earth history has been changed. He's been on earth? Do they have any other business partnerships other than the rare earth refinery? ...back to the earth. Stop dragging him over god's green earth. Definitely earth type mechanism. She fell to earth. I'm the last man on earth. First, a necklace of death about the earth. This is the real happiest place on earth. What on earth could you possibly need now, viggo? Only the romulans know what they think of earth. Where on earth did you get that from? Planet earth! Earth queen nefertiti of egypt. He prepareth a special reward for helping him populate a true heaven on earth. Sole keeper of the word on earth, we are here to take you. Why on earth would we do that? Once she's planted in the earth, the transformation will begin. You won't be happy with anyone else while lady mary walks the earth. You torched, nuked, and salted the earth with them. It's called earth. A ship that fell to earth ten years ago. Is earth all right? Girls walk this earth all the time screwin' for free. And the earth was no more. Five more months on this earth is reasonable. But it does name the only earth ship that ever visited. They told him to throw down his sword and return to the earth. Earth, 21st century by the looks of it. He's, like, cryogenically frozen, orbiting the earth or something. Let's assume, just for one second, that the earth doesn't revolve around cuddy's roof. We have been unable to destroy the earth ship. Protecting the skies of planet earth! An earth woman... I know no island earth. ...i walk the earth. There are more things in heaven and earth, horatio... Banish all demons off the face of the earth, lock them away forever. Why on earth would i want to do something nice for you? How on earth did you find me? We were assigned to watch the earth. Time enough for the earth in the grave.