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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Newton, the dude, says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.", "Well, certainly, that's a possibility, dude.", "You're the best, dude!", "Dude, what's his deal?"
No, i do mind. the dude minds. That's right, dude. All the dude ever wanted was his rug back. How the hell is this dude still alive? Wiffle ball, dude! That's it! i'm outta here. come on, dude. There was a lot about the dude that didn't make sense to me, and a lot about where he lived, likewise. What's wrong with you, thirsty? this dude Dude. '0k, we proceed, 'but only if there's no funny stuff.' yeah, yeah. Dude, i'm sorry. You fucking asshole! dude, i'm sorry. I know you're mixed up in this, dude. It's just a metaphor, dude. Hey, dude! hey. Dude here. Well, enjoy, and perhaps we'll see you again, dude. Dude, let's go. go where? Now, dude, that's a name no one would selfapply where i come from. That makes me feel secure. dude. No, dude. they shot donny? Dude, i... This lebowski, he called himself the dude. Yeah, but he's a pervert, dude. Dude, the chinaman is not the issue here. What do you mean, dude? I mean, think positive, dude. Might be that this dude is english bob. Dude... that's... that's just the stress talking, man. Dude, mad dog grimes is getting tuned up by some dude at a gym in pittsburgh. Aw, fuck it, dude. Dude! Dude. come on, ride with us. come on. The man in the black pyjamas, dude. Sure. take it easy, dude. zero yeah. I'm throwing rocks tonight. mark it, dude. His name is lebowski? that's your name, dude. Say, dude... where is your car? The dude? yes, the dude. Hello, dude. thanks for coming. I'm the dude. so that's what you call me, Zero fucking troubles are over, dude. Zero dude, have it your way. Her life was in our hands. easy, dude. Who is this gentleman, dude? That's your answer for everything, dude. There's just one thing, dude. what's that? You're right, dude. i got to thinking, No offense, but if you've never been in a real school before... dude, he's been home schooled. 'cause if all we come at him with is a plucky attitude... dude, don't call us plucky. My name is peter quill, okay? dude, chill out. He fits right in there, and that's the dude, in los angeles. And also, let's not forget, dude, that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent for, you know, domestic... within the city... 'the dude is not in... ' do you find them much, these stolen cars? Zero dude. i can see you don't want to be cheered up. It's video, dude. It's good knowing he's out there, the dude. That dude, there. i need his prosthetic leg. Truth is, i never met the dude. The third law... how many laws this dude got? The nail polish, walter. fine, dude. Whoa, david, holy... dude, i can't believe you're here. Dude, i don't want to switch. I like your style, dude. Really, dude, you surprise me. Oh, man! dude! come on! let's go! Like, if it was from a chick... but written by a dude and it's still from a chick... that would still be sick. Dude, i gotta go. i gotta go. Dude, you have to say something. I'm perfectly calm, dude. Dude! see, you have to go... no, i did. We got a man down, dude. I'm the dude, man. Dude, energy yogurt wants to write checks. Dude. yeah? So this kid, sixteen years old, this big fuckin' intimidating dude, he's like a foot taller than me. Dude, please. is this your homework, larry? Call the medics, dude. Yeah, well, the dude abides. Come on, dude. hey, fuck it, man. I wouldn't know, dude. The dude has three, all right? You're the man, the dude in the chair. They were nazis, dude? Huh? i see what you're getting at, dude, By anyone, i mean any swinging dude. Hey, dude. you wanna go outside? I didn't rent it shoes, i'm not buying it a beer, he's not taking your turn, dude. Where you goin', dude? i'm going home, donny. You see? nothing's fucked here, dude. How you doin' there, dude? And there was a dude pounding on the door. Take her easy, dude. The dude, actually, is, uh... excuse me? zero nothing. Call for you, dude. Dude, what's his deal? You're the best, dude! Well, certainly, that's a possibility, dude. Newton, the dude, says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.