Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Until dr.", "You told dr. house it's been less than a week.", "Well, i did study with dr. errol von straussenburgerbecken.", "Why is the soon to be second prettiest dr. chase here?"
Are you sure you can trust dr. evil? Dr. evil. Dr. evil, the world court sentences you to 400 years. Dr. hesse, good luck with the fda. So, is there a mr. dr. reddin? Dr. evil has escaped. Dr. evil, while you were in space... Sir, dr. evil's not bluffing. He was hired by dr. evil to construct preparation h. This is dr. and mrs. houseman. Dr. arbogast, good news and bad news, i'm afraid. Dr. arbogast. Dr. hesse, this is totally unacceptable behavior. Dr. wyman, it's claire. Dr. hesse? He's designing some contraption for dr. evil. Dr. connors? Dr. evil, perhaps it's time that you finished unveiling your plan. What is it, dr. evil? Dr. victor fries... All right, dr. evil. You're surrounded, dr. evil. You better call dr. talbot. ...has managed to infiltrate dr. evil's organization. Dr. evil, in light of the success of the device... Dr. evil's not your son, i am. Dr. isley? Dr. chilton, i presume. Dr. sweeney. Dr. king schultz. Dr. schultz, this attractive southern belle is my widowed sister. I want to be in a federal institution far away from dr. chilton. Dr. jones. Dr. lecter, whose head is in that bottle? Dr. schultz, let me reclarify how this whole negotiation came about. Dr. lecter, I'm dr. king schultz. Good afternoon, dr. jones. Her husband is dr. lawrence bell. Dr. cawley wants to talk to you now. I must have drank me about 15 dr. peppers. Where are you, dr. lecter? Welcome to memphis, dr. lecter. Oh, dr. schultz, Hildi, this is dr. schultz. Dr. lecter. Dr. sheehan? My name is dr. frederick chilton. Senator martin, dr. hannibal lecter. Dr. chilton at the asylum Yes, dr. sheehan led the discussion. This here is dr. bob sweeney. My name is dr. king schultz. Dr. bennett. Dr. lecter agreed to assist in the investigation Dr. schultz. I'm sorry, dr. schultz. Dr. lecter, my name is clarice starling. I'm afraid dr. cawley will have to fill you in on the situation. Or dr. lecter's offer, sir. Dr. riley is throwing up. Dr. stone requesting faster transport. Have dr. sheehan take a look at your man before you send him up. Dr. schultz, in greenville, When dr. meade say her neck broke... Dr. house said to bring it over and leave it with you as soon as i could. Thank you, dr. bass. Dr. sexy? This is dr. evil's lair, huh? Dr. green, how was your trip? Dr. stone, medical is asking if you want to return to explorer. Dr. fineman. Dr. milton, are you able to run a chem 7? Dr. johnson? Dr. house didn't seem to know why. Now that the official stuff's done, come on, boys, what do you say we go find dr. cawley? Neither can dr. coopersmith. Mission specialist dr. stone and mission commander matthew kowalski... Are you really this indifferent to the fact that dr. chase is hurt? Congratulations, dr. house. Dr. bennett said i have to stay at home for a week. Mrs hudson, dr john watson. Well, dr simeon, you're out very late tonight. All the doctors, besides dr. fletcher, Dr. stone... Dr branson is a mathematician of some note. Hello, dr watson. May i introduce dr ludlow branson of columbia university? Dr. rodeheaver is the chief psychiatrist at whitfield. Dr. chim richalds. Dr. murphy. Why is the soon to be second prettiest dr. chase here? Well, i did study with dr. errol von straussenburgerbecken. You told dr. house it's been less than a week. Until dr.