Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Dr. a republic lives on the knife's edge.", "But dr. chapman says i'll soon be up and bounding about like a young gazelle.", "Fuck the virus! dr. saks, you know this."
Oh, come on, dr. jones. dr. jones. Dr. jones? You can have them. dr. bhargava has prescribed these. Now listen, ray. dr. bruner only has custody of you. Accompany dr. nash. Very good, dr. ashland. very good. Dr. crane, thanks for coming. Let me tell you another bedtime story, dr. jones. I had invited dr. kerkar as well but he is tied up with work. Give dr. jones some room. Will dr. andrew baker... please pick up a white courtesy phone? Dr. ana stelline? Dr. railly returned to baltimore this... morning without making a public statement. It was dr. crane. rest. gordon has crane. In here, dr. conners. Dr. elsa schneider. Good evening. i'm dr. emmett brown. I'm looking for dr. vass. Dr. sattler, dr. grant, you've heard of chaos theory? Dr. has everything been explained to you? yes, sir. Dr. crane. miss dawes. I used to take a shortcut every day when i went to work at dr. dixon's house. Excuse me, dr. connors? Dr. conners to the e. r. dr. conners to the e. r. shouldn't you go? And this is how we say goodbye in germany, dr. jones. Dr. schneider. message from berlin. Dr. railly, jim halperin, philly p. d. sorry to call you so early this mornin'. Tomorrow you'll meet dr. marston, who's in charge of raymond's evaluation. Dr. schneider, there are pages torn out of this. I'm dr. sevard. Dr. grant! as i was saying, we laid on lunch for you before you go into the park. Thank you, dr. diane. Dr. sattler, come with me. Dr. pavel, l'm cia. Dr. railly, help me please. Dr. railly. No, dr. jones, it's yours. You'll have to get used to dr. malcolm. Dr. chapman, did you say something? Not "supposedly," dr. jones. Doc? am i to understand you're still hanging around with dr. emmett brown, mcfly? Dr. stone blake johnson, dial ninety three please. Someone will work out what dr. pavel did. Dr. nash, your coat? Dr. ashland is treating him in exam room seven. Dr. grant's not machinecompatible. We received a cable from his colleague, dr. schneider, who has no idea of his whereabouts or what's become of him. Dr. leonid pavel, nuclear physicist. Hi, i need dr. rosen. is he in? You have anything left to say to me, you say it to my real doctor, dr. eve saks, and you, you bring a fucking army. That's far enough. put down the gun, dr. jones. Hello, charlie. dr. bruner. Do what dr. grant says! Dr. kathryn railly, has been abducted by... a dangerous mental patient, james cole. They are there, call dr. birnman. Dr. jones. Dr. hasseldorf, what can we expect in the next few hours? Dr. rosen, code red. observation room two Dr. andrew baker. raymond, let's go. Dr. seevard. Dr. feldman retired three years ago. Dr. mooney's got the details. As you can now see, dr. jones, I think, dr. railly, you've given the alarmists a bad name. I'd like you to meet dr. kallenbach, an old friend. Good morning, dr. silberman. how's the knee? Dr. jaffe, you are a genius. Well, like yourself, dr. jones, i have a passion for antiquities. Eternal life, dr. jones! Dr. goines's assistant. he's an... Dr. nash, follow me, please. If you don't let go, dr. jones, we'll both die. This is dr. kaza, our ngo's chairman. Dr. trask? Dr. grant, dr. sattler, we're ready to try again. Dr. fletcher? Agent romanoff, would you escort dr banner back to his... Yeah, dr. crane, i can't take it anymore. it's all too much. "goldfinger's" better than "dr. no." Hello, dr. railly? yeah, this is wikke from psyche admitting. Dr. pavel refused our offer in favor of yours. How will we recognize this dr. Hello dr nolan. good to have you back. By the way, dr. sattler, she's not available, is she? Who paid you to grab dr. pavel? I trust your trip down was comfortable, dr. jones. I don't go around calling dr. jaffe "the knife man." I'm his replacement, dr. chu. I, dr. emmett brown, am about to embark on an historic journey. Dr. ashland. Dr. harris. present. My name's dr. mittal, and you were asleep when i showed up this morning. Dr. grant! Yes, have dr. sevard proceed until i get there. Dr. crane moved him to arkham asylum on suicide watch. Fuck the virus! dr. saks, you know this. But dr. chapman says i'll soon be up and bounding about like a young gazelle. Dr. a republic lives on the knife's edge.