Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hey, doris. i'm so sorry.", "This is doris del rio down in parking.", "Bags, bags, go away come right back on doris day."
This is doris. her brotherinlaw owns this diner. Felix! how you doing, doris? Doris. All right, doris. come on. You know, it never ceases to amaze me a fuckin' jungle bunny slits some old woman's throat for twenty five cents, he gets doris day for a parole officer. Doris! doris! what? what?! Sandford is a lie, doris. You don't mind a bit of manpower do you, doris? Nice one, doris. nothing like a bit of girl on girl. Doris is twenty three And then i fell in love with doris. Doris. i swear to fucking god! Doris, how nice to see you. how are you? Come on, doris, you darling bus. you can make it. Doris, have you seen big g? Come on, doris. you gotta come out of your room sometime. Doris. doris, see? Doris. look how mae is... All right, doris, that's enough. Doris gebben plays the upright bass? You stay out of it! doris! Doris? There's always something wrong. and then i met doris. You miss her? huh? do you miss doris? You nervous, doris? yeah. You just wait, doris! Buenas noches. doris. Uh, doris? Mrs. solstad, i'm looking for doris. Check out doris and lucinda over here. Doris, doris, doris. Doris. who's doris? Is doris not in? Doris, is this your boyfriend? yup. Doris murphy takes the field! What do you think, doris? Doris is the soul of this band. I'm all turned around here. doris. Doris. say it. Doris. doris. You caught that. hello? doris. As doris droned on... Our first act is doris gebben... I'll be back, doris. it's alright. Doris, doris... Come look at this. wait a second, doris. Any officers near the church? go ahead, doris. I'm doris. Here's my friend doris. best player on the team. Now, doris, would you please contact Don't waste your time, doris. Do you love doris? yes. Is margaret doris hawkins. If in doubt when i'm not here, ask doris on the till. My wife doris plays beautifully. better than me, even. Yeah, sorry about that. come on, doris. Wasn't doris on? You still have a thing for doris day. Shut up, doris. Doris. she got rid of you, right? Doris, we miss you! Good morning, mrs. archer. doris. And this is one doris thatcher. Oh, you zip it, doris! Doris, doris, doris, doris, doris. doris. Hey, doris. So, her name is doris day? like the doris day? yes. That's my daughter, third baseman, doris murphy. best one they got. Though afterward, i always wished that i was back with doris. Her name was doris. Hey. hey. hey, mae, how long? doris. What do you say we go for a ride, doris? I could do it. how long you been working on that, doris? I think i've been halfway around the world since i last saw doris. Well, doris is in alabama right now. Batting second and playing third base, number twenty two doris murphy. As you can see, doris gets her decorating tips from uday hussein. Good morning. i'm doris. Doris. oh, shit. Let's have a closeup of boris and doris. Hey, doris. this is chris flynn. Doris, do you want some help with the trash? Fifth and fourth place goes to boris and doris the goldfish. No doris, he's my fancy man. Doris? doris. What is that intoxicating scent you're wearing, doris? Just doris calling to remind you that the rent was due yesterday. Bags, bags, go away come right back on doris day. This is doris del rio down in parking. Hey, doris. i'm so sorry.