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Dr. diana stanton changed her name to delia surridge. Diana, honey, can you hear me? The germans? diana! Are you all right, diana? I am diana of themyscira... You gotta put the sword down, diana. please. Diana, what happens if there's a power cut? Destroy her, diana. You keep doubting yourself, diana. Diana, people... i... Sameer, diana. diana, sameer. Don. diana. No. we can't run away, diana. Happy new year, diana. Yes, diana! Diana! shield! Everyone is fighting their own battles, diana. Diana? We'll always be together, diana. Diana, princess of themys... Diana. Doesn't diana look fabulous? Diana, let's talk about this outside. Diana! That was a story, diana! Diana! diana! hiding, hiding. Diana, i don't look like adonis. Diana, we have to go. Diana, honey, are you ok? My apologies. diana... Hello? diana? Shit. sorry, diana. I am not the god of war, diana. Diana? diana! I'm sorry... wait, diana, wait. "prince." diana prince. Let's go. diana... It's no kind of life, diana. Diana! come back! Diana... of the woods. Diana... no. diana, we can talk about this later. Diana... Diana, go... go where? Diana... it's the gas. What do you say, diana? huh? Diana? rocky? Hello, diana. hello. Where's diana? we're on our own. Hi, rocky. i'm diana adams. This is no man's land, diana! Hello. mrs. adams? is diana there? And what does diana do while you're off "broking"? Diana! please. Diana, i know this is confusing... Sorry, diana. i just don't know what i did. Daddy? diana. You were right, diana. they don't deserve our help. Hi, diana. hi, rocky. Tell us! well, her name is diana. Well, if diana or jonathan were to get involved, could end up in prison. I am not your enemy, diana. Diana! let me try it by myself. You're stronger than this, diana. You can't possibly marry him, diana. I saw you had a letter today, diana. any news? Diana? diana? You will arrive at la diana fountain at00 a. m. There is nothing you can do about it, diana. Diana! diana, i see you. She was supposed to be really beautiful but really mean. like diana ross. Give up, diana. Be careful in the world of men, diana. Diana barzoon. eddie's wife. Hi, diana. you can call me sammy, please. No nurse. just diana. Out of my way! diana, look at me. Diana. be still. Hello, diana. Diana? please stop going round and round and concentrate. Okay, great. bye, you guys! see you later, diana. We all know diana is capable of taking care of herself. No, no, diana, who lives in the boarding house with me cooked me some spaghetti and made me try and eat it without making a mess. If you do not kill adam by six, then alison and diana will die, dr. gordon. But if you don't try hard diana! You know, i've called diana every day since i've been back, and her mom always says that she's not there. Diana, you are the most precious thing in the world to me. And that is not you, diana.