Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yeah, definitely. that'd be, that'd be cool.", "Okay, that's definitely w, g.", "Definitely looks like you got some... some wear and tear on it here."
It's not a date. it's definitely not a date. Tell detective loki what you just told me, and he'll definitely look into it. Maybe not l. a. p. d., but he's definitely a badge. I'm definitely out of books. i'm gonna be bookless. Definitely not on monday. who's your dad? We're definitely locked in this box with no tv. Then we did it right. elevator's definitely stuck. Then you are definitely not gay. This is definitely not a weekend visit. he's gettin' anxious. If we're gonna be here all morning with no maple syrup and no toothpicks... i'm definitely not gonna have my pancakes with don't make a scene. I definitely got the rose bushes. Oh, skeeter, stuart's definitely coming this time. next saturday week. No, mr. wolf, it ain't like that; your help is definitely appreciated. That's my pen. that's definitely my book. ... "definitely not on the schedule." we'll be right back. I have to go to the date, learn to dance. definitely. now. Really? definitely. Definitely! Definitely. no, seriously. If that's the case, i definitely will get custody... and the three dollars million, right? Definitely happened more often... whoa! are you the... can i help you, pal? Definitely not. we can watch tv here. we're allowed. Yes, definitely. get my tartarcontrol toothpaste. I'm definitely not wearing my underwear. The gamma readings are definitely consistent with selvig's reports of the tesseract. Of course, there's definitely no bed there. But very definitely made of wool. Definitely like it when the top's It's gonna hit on twenty? yeah. definitely twenty. Well, i don't know... yeah, they are, they definitely... definitely. Tommy riordan, he has definitely got his hands full in his first opponent, francisco barbosa. Definitely watch tv, but be in bed by00. lights out. Definitely, no. I'm definitely gonna die up here... if i have to listen to any more godawful disco music. It was definitely blood spatter you saw in the kitchen. Not in the i. r. a.? definitely not in the i. r. a. why? And ringo here definitely doesn't want that. I definitely know this car. Yes, it most definitely should be, but it's not here now! Yes, definitely. I wouldn't go so far as to call a dog filthy, but they're definitely dirty. Yeah. i'll tell you about it later. i'm definitely being followed. L've known joe since l was a kid, and me saying he definitely had nothing to do with it is ridiculous. He's definitely looking for a takedown here. Guess it didn't read as funny. definitely not. This is definitely not my room, and i don't have my tapioca pudding. Definitely don't wanna dance with this guy. Walt definitely had no problem calling it like he saw it... but he was right. Definitely a mistake. Definitely have to go now. yes, we're going, ray. Definitely gonna be a long journey. Definitely, i just... Definitely very sparkly. very sparkly. It's definitely very small in here. small... and safe. I can say i didn't do it cause l know what l did or didn't do, but l cannot say that about anybody else, cause l don't definitely know. Right, nick? yeah, definitely. Negative. the t1000 would definitely try to reacquire you there. This is definitely not my room. It's definitely a teller, carl. Yeah. definitely a lot of traffic. Definitely from the shire. To get into that watchtower, i definitely need it. Maple syrup after the pancakes is definitely too late. But i definitely did teach him how to have sexual intercourse, in a very constructive way, for the very first time at my bedroom in my apartment. Yeah, it definitely wasn't a slow fade. no, it sure wasn't. I definitely won't. No. definitely not. Two hundred and eleven were fatalities and two hundred and thirty were definitely passengers. Yeah, well, there's definitely civil rights laws prevents that. I definitely like the top down. i know. Bhai, i definitely left a message. Oh, definitely on that subject! you think so? But you, you definitely need to have fucking one. Definitely. Tommy riordan is most definitely for real. He doesn't want a hit. hit me. definitely want a hit. And you definitely don't need hate. It's definitely a big opportunity, but just pitch the show with a lot of confidence There's definitely an oxford circus in london. This is definitely real. Goofy's a dog. he's definitely a dog. Once we have it, we gotta move quickly, so you definitely need to get that last. Definitely twenty. definitely twenty? ... but alertly... in punxsutawney, pa... and stated in groundhogese: "i definitely see a shadow." L can tell you definitely, joe don't know a fuckin' thing about this bullshit. They're definitely gonna start how can this be? Then the worm has definitely turned for you, man. Yes. definitely have cheeseballs. I was definitely bumped, but... mostly, i was jut mad we hadn't exchanged any phone numbers or any information. I definitely... would stop talking about my book. They definitely start on the button. Definitely. howard is pure bartlett's. For life? most definitely. yeah. Now i'm definitely not gonna tell you 'cause it's been built up too much. Definitely looks like you got some... some wear and tear on it here. Okay, that's definitely w, g. Yeah, definitely. that'd be, that'd be cool.