Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "The dean?", "I looked everywhere for you, dean."
Dean was told by parvati that. Dean keaton. Killing dean over and over again? Don't give up on me now, dean. You're no longer the vessel, dean. Dean? I mean it, dean. Dean, we could use sam for this. Dean, right? ...with determination, dean pushed the doorbell... Dean...wasn't wrong. ...and you are about to kill yourself, dean. Who, dean? When i'm not with dean? The problem with you, dean, is the cynicism. We're also talking about 30 people out there, dean. There are sam girls and dean girls and what's a slash fan? This obsession to save dean? ...maybe dean was right. Dean, i'm sorry. I'm sorry, dean. Actually, it's dean that has the tape. Hello, dean. Dean... Can't, dean. I got to find the right door to get this to sam and dean. Hey, dean, check this out. ...what with dean going to hell and all. Destiny can't be changed, dean. Sorry, dean. ...sam slash dean. Sam and dean traded soulful looks. Goodbye, dean winchester. Dean. Dean, come on. Keep digging, dean. Sam and dean winchester. Sam, first off, dean did not steal your computer. You're dean winchester. I'm dean winchester and this is my brother, sam. In between jobs, sam and dean would sometimes get a day... Good things do happen, dean. We have you bugged, mr dean. It's worth it, dean. What's the matter, dean? Sam and dean? Your brother is headed down a dangerous road, dean... Oh, dean. Dean, we know this is difficult to understand. Dean, starring as michael. Maybe they wrongly assumed dean would be brave enough. Good luck, dean. We were thinking some high level demon pulled dean out. Don't be scared, dean. You didn't tell dean. He's not dean lately. You're going in, dean. Because you die today, dean. You were saying, dean? Robert dean. Dean, your chest was ribbons. Time is fluid, dean. Look, dean, um... Dean winchester. Even when dean rebuilt from the ground up... So, what the hell happened back in the lobby, dean? You're going to say yes, dean. Open your eyes, dean. You know why, dean. I'm old, dean. You got what you asked for, dean. Dean...winchester. You and dean, you... ...dean winchester. Take care of yourself, dean. Those are hellhounds out there, dean. Damn it, dean! Dean, i'm not an angel anymore. Yeah, okay, dean, we'll see you in five. I can't abandon my son, dean! So that's what dean cut me with the first blade. Dean, pick up the phone. And then came dean. I looked everywhere for you, dean. The dean?