Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You see, danny, i can deal with the bullets and the bombs and the blood.", "'cause you’ll lose, and danny knows it."
What happened, danny? I can handle this, danny. Wake up, danny, wake up." You be careful, danny. Danny, no. Hello, danny. Hi, danny! I just have to tell you, danny. That's the whole problem, danny. Silence, danny! Okay, danny, here's an update. It's over, danny. Did it hurt you, danny? What do you have, danny? Tia, huh, danny? I love you, danny. Danny! Isn't that right, danny? Come and play with us, danny. You and danny are going to love it. All right, danny, kill it. Mommy! danny, come here! Danny, mind what i say. Danny? Danny, did you get all that? let's go. And danny, it's the last time. I fucking warned you, danny. Just take danny and run! Danny, your time is up! I missed you, danny. Go on. come on. i'm not feeling the love, danny. Look around you, danny boy. Can you tell her danny archer's looking for her? How long have i known you, danny? Hello, danny. colonel. Danny archer. maddy bowen. Danny archer, national geographic. Danny, stop it! Maybe it was about danny? Danny can't wake up, mrs. torrance. I mean, maybe danny made a mistake. I swear it. danny told me. She tried to strangle danny. Danny, you win. You folks mind if i give danny some ice cream while we wait? How do you like it, danny? All right, danny. Beaut as the driven snow, that shit, danny. Danny was just about to... Why don't you cut the cute act, danny boy, and tell me Who? danny snyder, the lawyer? It wasn't danny hardman. The black forest gateau is on danny. She outranks you, danny. Hold on, danny, just hold on. Danny, you'll do as you're told. Danny. danny, just stay here, okay? Danny, i think i'm on to something. There's always something going on, danny. What happened, danny? car accident. Yes, sir, of course. and there's a spare for danny, too. Hi, danny. all right, pete? But this isn't london. oh, yes, please, danny. Danny, can you open four? This fellow, danny aliband's brother. Hello, danny? dan, it's shel levene. Danny snyder was to remain as tommy and john's attorney. Your boys are going down, danny. With danny on stage. What if danny witwer came to you right now Try to include whatever you can remember of what danny hardman was doing that night. I'll have to work then. well, i'm sorry, danny. All right, danny. yeah, all right. Oh, danny, i wish you could have been in on it with me. And danny zorn? what was he? unlucky. They found danny zorn's body. Danny, box four. i need fresh eyes. Where's danny? he's fine. he's in good form. You're out, danny. he's out? Terry. danny. Good to see you, tess. take care, danny. Meet my exhusband. danny ocean. Officer brooks... this is danny ocean. You know more than one danny snyder? But i was too fat for danny. It's okay. this is danny witwer. I hear they hired danny snyder as the lawyer, is that right? Look, danny. How has danny been? Danny, be sure and ask nicely. Thanks, danny. i love washington. Danny, i'm sorry. You got bullied into that courtroom, danny. Danny, i you don't have to say it. Don't look now, danny, but you’re making an argument. Danny is an awfully talented lawyer. 'cause you’ll lose, and danny knows it. You see, danny, i can deal with the bullets and the bombs and the blood.