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I'm michael corleone. I must have strict assurance from corleone. Don corleone. My name is michael corleone. Governor corleone. Vito corleone! This witness has had no buffer between himself and michael corleone. Vito andolini from corleone. Are you the son of vito corleone? Michael corleone. Mr. corleone, you have been advised as to your legal rights. Don corleone... The corleone family would be outcasts! Michael corleone says hello! I'm calling for vito corleone, at his request. You all know michael corleone and we all remember his father. Why didn't you say you work for corleone? Senator corleone. Corleone. Corleone group already controls the board. Mr. corleone, all bastards are liars. Mr. corleone. yourself vincent corleone. Our group represents a consortium of catholic businessmen against the corleone control. The honorary chairman of the vito corleone foundation, my daughter, mary corleone. Please join me in welcoming mr. michael corleone.