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Albanian, we believe. chess prodigy. Didn't you... mr alexander won britain's national chess championship. They were like a chess move. That's like me saying, touchdown is not very intelligent... because i beat him three games out of five when we played chess. Am i a chess piece you can move around? i was having lunch. This is the final round of our rwabushenyi national chess championship. There are boys your age in vietnam giving their lives right now in the fight against communism, and all you have to do is play a game of chess. In chess... the small one can become the big one. Bobby fischer's comeback in this match. that's historic in chess. The world chess championship looks to be ending in humiliation for the american, bobby fischer, whose demands that the game be held in a rec room have led to widespread ridicule. Mr. chess gave his life in the service of a higher cause, dan. With an impressive string of five victories, bobby today became the youngest ever united states chess champion. Fischer today was supposed to be in reykjavik, iceland to start playing boris spassky of the soviet union in what promises to be the super bowl of the chess world, if it ever comes off, and that's a big if. Have you heard of chess? Unpredictable bobby fischer stayed in bed today rather than show up for game two in his world title match with chess champion boris spassky. I want to stay here... study and work on my chess. You are the youngest ever player to take uganda to the chess olympiad. That is the word "chess." This is abc's wide world of sports, bringing you live coverage of the world championship of chess. With doc morris. yeah. because he doesn't play chess. Today, bobby fischer beat russian grandmaster tigran petrosian in the semifinal of the world chess championships. How else do you test a chess computer? Did you play chess with byron? eve! please... Well, let's say that i taught them chess instead of english. They kept to themselves, played chess, ate together, sat in the tv room together. "the jews want to keep the chess federation all to themselves, "just like they own new york, "and own and control most governments in the world." Dad, i can't play chess anymore. If i score fifty at the chess olympiad... I was always led to believe that chess needed two people for a game. Still no sign of bobby fischer, the american chess player who thinks he's the best in the world. It's a strategic game like chess. Hello, this is the worst chess player in the world calling the best chess player in the world. I'm a chess fan myself. American chess grandmaster bobby fischer is believed to be finally on his way to iceland for his match with boris spassky. Ln chess and in war, the key to winning is to anticipate what your opponent will do in advance. They're using chess to say... "screw america." Omar tells me that you play chess. "bobby fischer is singlehandedly changing the face of chess, "making it the fastestgrowing sport." Chess. Bobby, ivanovich is officially the third best chess player in the world. And he still goes there every wednesday to play chess with doc morris. Welcome home, miss uganda of chess. "world's greatest chess players to visit u. s." He designed them so that they could play checkers or poker, chess. I barely knew chess that well, but i was told to hire from the old life. Oh. listen, in a week, we're all gonna be playing chess in washington square, huh? You know, okwe, good at chess usually means bad at life. Some english chess nut wants to see you play so bad. No, chess isn't destroying him. Well... chess is a crazy world. Tomorrow i'll go hiking with that eagle scout unless i get a call from grandpa for a snappy game of chess And it won't tell you if it knows what chess is. Your children are invited to the international chess tournament in sudan. They think their chess dominance proves soviet intellectual superiority over the decadent west. Just like edgar allan poe suspected with maelzel's chess player. It would be good for the chess federation and for my family. I used to play chess with your father a long time ago. Chess is a game of fighting. Coming to you live from khantymansiysk, in russia where we are presenting our chess olympiad game. I'm curious. what's the significance of the chess piece? Welcome to the father grimes... national schools chess championship. See? he's playing chess. I'm vice president of the punahou chess club. Without chess, he doesn't exist. Veidt's assassin was a local lowlife named roy chess. But that won't tell you if it knows that it's playing chess. This shit is chess. it isn't checkers. Somebody who's good with logistics, and chess. We are here to celebrate chess. Chess, it makes my brain sharp. Chess team alan harris ? Bobby fischer... bobby fischer is the second best chess player i've ever seen. You didn't come here to talk about chess. You still play chess? See how chess has disturbed me. Wanna play some facebook chess? yes, ma'am. Oh, yeah. they've been worried about me ever since i started playing chess. You could always get one of those chess computer game things. When you said that the old man was playing chess every wednesday with... who was it? The chess olympiad in russia? Roy chess. on pyramid payroll. But chess helps us solve problems, isn't it? Uh, it's like in chess: first you strategically position your pieces, then, when the timing's right, you strike. Sudan is where the african children's chess tournament is held. Fischer's moves are unprecedented in chess history. I'm officially the twenty five best chess player in new york city. We played chess in the barge pub. How about a nice game of chess? I'm carmine nigro, and i'm told you are a chess player. You know you really piss me off sometimes, chess. So, you told the others you are not coming back to chess, eh? Americans don't beat russians at chess. Like testing a chess computer by only playing chess. And when american chess sensation bobby fischer's around, it just keeps on happening. We welcome all the chess olympiad teams flying with us today. spasibo. Wanna play chess? He was a excellent chess player. Janey slater, moloch, roy chess all work for pyramid. "chess." A chess craze is sweeping the nation.