Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "How was monte carlo? i didn't get what i was after.", "And this is my partner, carlo bororo.", "Monte carlo? that's our prom theme?"
The commerce casino is off the five freeway in east l. a. and no one's ever gonna confuse it with monte carlo. I'm gonna deal my way to europe, to monte carlo. Last time anyone saw them, they were hitting up the casinos in monte carlo. Monte carlo! Cleaned cash from monte carlo to havana to vegas. Uh, what, the black monte carlo there with the back windows shot out. Monte carlo! are we really going this time? All right, carlo, get lost. Martinez... carlo, right now you pay twenty five percent to smi. Carlo will show you to your table. Charlie chaplin entered a charlie chaplin lookalike contest in monte carlo and came in third. Look, it tells time simultaneously in monte carlo, beverly hills, london, paris, rome and gstaad. The monte carlo clutch, yes. Carlo edwards didn't mention any flatness, and he is the leading vocal coach in the city. Carlo gesualdo wrote it in one thousand, six hundred and eleven a few years after killing his wife and newborn son. Hmm. did you see carlo edwards from the met? no. well, he was seated to our right. Maestro carlo edwards, assistant conductor at the metropolitan opera. The peloponnesian, monte carlo, five diamonds. You put in up in monte carlo with your red pills. Oh. isn't it a little early in the morning for lakmé, carlo? Don't blame me, i was in monte carlo. Caesars palace, new yorknew york, paris, the venetian, monte carlo... Carlo! He's on his way from monte carlo. I told my parents about my sister going all the way with carlo. And when de gaulle rolls his tanks through monte carlo, we'll have lost everything to france. Monte carlo? that's our prom theme? And this is my partner, carlo bororo. How was monte carlo? i didn't get what i was after.