Can i

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Can i get you something?", "Who can i say it is?", "Can i help you with something, chief?", "So how can i help you?"
Can i have a danish? no, no, go. Can i bother you for a second? Can i come too? Can i take a message? What can i get you, miss? Can i go with him, boss? Can i talk to you? Can i have your phone number? Can i askyou something? Mr. turing, can i tell you a secret? Hello. can i... How can i trust it? What can i help you with? I can i can change. Or can i take this plate away? Can i talk? Can i have a trier? How can i not get stressed out? Well, how can i repay you? ... . can i count on you, lad? Can i have some soup, please? Pray can i not. Can i ask you something? How can i heal? Can i help you find something, sir? Can i speak to alex alone for a minute? Can i ask you a personal question? Can i have his address? How can i help you? I what the fuck can i say to? Can i speak to larry? What can i do? Can i come in? Can i talk to you for a minute? Can i bum a cigarette? yeah. Can i not get a squirt, even? Can i tell you something? Can i get you anything? Can i take you out? What can i get you? What can i do for the department of defense? Can i fall by? Can i come by in half an hour? Sarah, can i ask you something? Can i read you the letter... "can i do this, can i do that?" Stan, can i leave for a while? Can i keep this? Can i help you? Can i kiss you? yes, please. Can i ask you a couple of questions? Can i stop taking medicines now? Can i go, sir? Can i help you, boys? Can i call you back? Can i please have some more? Can i have his room? Can i call a cab from here. yeah, sure. How can i press up? What can i do? i have no other choice. So, what can i get you? Can i just read? What can i give you? Daddy, can i come in there? Can i really think nick would hurt me? Good evening. what can i do for you? Can i hold it? How can i get some of this? Hey, can i sit there? And what can i get you that isn't a cranberry juice? Can i have a go? Can i just let myself forget what you've told me? What can i do for you today? Can i get back to it? thanks. Can i have pancakes? Can i take the cadillac? What can i do for you, mr. kowalski? I'm fine. can i just have a tissue? I can't leave him in here, can i? What can i do for you? How can i help? Can i never escape him? Can i get cell four open, please? Can i ask you a question, vilmos? Can i help you with something? Can i talk to you for a minute, please? Can i sit down? please. Hey, can i have some tequila over here, please? Can i shave my head? How can i assist you, sir? Can i ask you a few questions? Can i give you a lift home? So how can i help you? Can i help you with something, chief? Who can i say it is? Can i get you something? i can