Can i

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Can i forward this? sure."
What can i do for you, mr. reese? Can i get the fingerprint analysis? rachel, listen. you're not safe there. Can i trust you to do what needs to happen here? What can i say, joel? you know clementine. she's like that. Honey, can i have that coffee now? yes, sir. Dad? can i have thirty dollars? Can i freshen that there for you, sheriff? Good. what can i do for you? Can i build around fifty miles of tehachapi mountains? Can i get a little novocaine there, doc? Can i borrow a piece of your chicken? Biff, can i assume that your insurance is going to pay for the damage? I'd love to. can i have a rain check? i've got some errands. What can i do for you? Can i get back to it? thanks. Can i read a copy of the study? What can i do for you today? What can i tell you guys? no comment. Okay, if i can't do that, can i just... can i give the guy a call? How can i assist you, sir? I... yes. can i get a towel, please? What can i do for you, leonard? I'll let you know as soon as i can. i know you will. Cap, can i have some coffee? Can i go outside with joy? uh, convince your brother to go with you and you can. Sorry, can i put you on hold? i thought you might. Can i go up to my room and get my fire engine? Can i really think nick would hurt me? And what can i do for you today, sir? Can i get your name? Can i buy you a drink? Can i ask you a question, vilmos? Hey. can i talk to you? talk. Can i see your identification? Good evening. can i get a bottle of chilled bollinger grand ann´┐Że... Well, can i tell you something? Can i stay up another hour? Mrs. goldfarb, can i ask you a question, you won't take it personal? Okay. well, can i say something or... ? Can i have a danish? no, no, go. What can i get you, miss? How can i help you from there? Can i give you a lift home? ... . can i count on you, lad? Can i use your phone? Spotlight. can i help you? If i show my ticket stubs, can i go in? Can i meet you for lunch? What about me, you just found me. can i come with? What can i do for you, ma'am? How can i help you? thank you. Can i get you anything to drink or eat before we get started? How can i help you, mr. barkley? Can i read you the letter... What can i get you? Is there anyone else who can... ? i take care of him. Oh, yeah? can i hear it? mmhm. Can i open it? Can i forget it? I used to... can i help? Can i go now, mr. strickland? Can i take the cadillac? Definitely happened more often... whoa! are you the... can i help you, pal? Can i come along? And what help can i get from you, paul? Can i have a word about fifty four halsey road? Can i help you? Can i help? Hey, can i sit there? Can i say something? Mr. saito, can i have a moment? Can i just make one telephone call, please? Can i ask you a question? sure. Can i have his room? Really? can i? yes. Can i talk to you? Can i please have some more? Can i have some money, please? Can i borrow that thing? David, can i ask you a question? I can't, i'm already late. then, can i come? I understand. they shut your lab down. what can i say? Can i not get a note from a doctor or something? Mr. lundegaard, sorry to bother you again. can i come in? What can i do to help? Can i take this off? So how can i help you? Can i watch you sleep again tonight? Can i go with him, boss? Smell this. can i come, too? Can i help you, colonel? Can i ask you a favour, miss? Mr. garrison, what can i do for you on easter sunday? Can i draw with you? Hi, i'm buddy. what can i get you? If you can, i can. Can i forward this? sure. i can