Called him

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I was only about four and i called him peter.", "After my first date with neil... i called him.", "Yeah, well, i called him last night."
We called him mother superior on account of the length of his habit. I've called him thirty times. The other day, winston churchill called him a halfnaked indian fakir. We called him mad max because of his hairtrigger temper, which could be set off by something as innocuous as a ringing telephone. I never called him back. i was a prick. When nice guy called him to check it out, he said it was ao╬║. All the kids, instead of calling him davie, they called him lardass. lardass hogan. Even his little brother and sister called him lardass. I called him an idiot. They called him machete. 'he said tarr called him from a phone box.' They called him tony toupee because he wore the worst hairpiece in the world. Yeah, so i called him a couple times. shut the fuck up. Three times you called him myron till you heard the other guy say it with a "b" They all called him the phantom. I can't believe you called him "douchepants." No. no? never called him a "disgusting pig monster"? No, you just called him 'honey'. i didn't. He called him his "old pal." We were here first. and they called him in. Ma... mama, i called him down. They called him frankie coffeecake... because his face looked like a drake's coffeecake. So what? he called a hotel, a hotel called him back. Says you called him. I've just called him. he can't believe it. But everyone just called him pope. Called him walter 'cause he reminds me of ethel's brother. I called him like five times. Oh, no! he just called him a dick. Yeah, i called him. I guess some people would have called him that. The white house called him, I would have called him. We called him mickey. That's not why you called him, lionel. come on. You never even called him. I spoke to frank's dad in chicago, and frank never called him or anyone else we know. His name was byron but you called him myron L already called him, sir. he knows everything. You called him tom chaney, i believe. My brewster... no one's ever called him a great mind, but even he manages to hit the can seventy of the time. They called him "mush" because everything he touched turned to mush. I haven't called him in a few years. They called him "whispers" because everything was a secret to him. Yeah, that's what we called him on account of... She called him "roger dodger." that's perfect for you. Did you just call him 'honey'? homer. i called him 'homer'. I called him too. The boy who called him daddy has grown i n different ways the things that made him happy have long since gone away depression era With respect, sir, how do we know that krall was at the base when she called him? Everybody called him glory days? Don't demonize me... you're mad because they called him in. Now we find out who called him. The guy who punched amanda gross' mother after she called him "lowclass." That's why you called him. She called him brody. that's not his name, so what's the difference? We called him oman because he had a birthmark on his forehead that looked like a six. Yeah. that's why i called him crippyboy. He's a runner. that's what the state called him after they took him from me. You called him, and you used him, like you've been trying to use me. Kid says your computer called him. My dad had a dog who stayed when you called him. I've called him paul smith, but that wasn't his name because i can't remember his name, but it was the aftershave he was wearing. And she still called him mr. church. She called him something, right? yes! And i had two days off, and i called him, and he couldn't say no. Well, i want you to know i've called him three times, and you're on the waiting list. Bubble. now, is that really his name? it's leonardo. i called him bubble. You wouldn't have called him lazy if you'd seen him beating those girls with a rubber hose. Couple of days later, the police called him in for questioning. At school, we called him 'captain'. His mother called him zero, cos she said he'd never amount to nothing. Every olderwarrior, they called him "grandfather. " For sure as shit, i would have called him. At41 p. m., she called him again at the brayton country club. Listen, i called him... because i'm playing by your rules. Like, everybody called him stupid. He fired me. i called him a fat sow. We called him luke. he was my son. They called him the michigan mauler. She kneed you in the nuts and called him faggot in front of everybody. Malik called him "el topo." Yeah. his name was "toby," but i called him "tory" because i had a lisp. Yes, they called him johnny. You called him a murderer. a psychopath. Fiftythree times she called him. When you called him baby, in your habit to call yours insurance agent, baby? My aunt called him a human barometer. I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so i called him at home. We called him w. e. seriously? She called him magnus, right? yeah. yes. The guards at the prison called him gambit because he kept taking all their money at poker. Funny hearing him called james. everyone called him jimmy. I haven't even called him back yet. He called him in london. We called him birdbrain. And i called him clu. Yeah, well, i called him last night. After my first date with neil... i called him. I was only about four and i called him peter. him called