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Brenda? Brenda. Have you seen frank or brenda? A doctor and a lawyer. brenda hit the jackpot. Hello, brenda. We're not gonna tell anyone, brenda. Brenda, i wouldn't worry about it. Brenda, listen to me. What is a man like you doing with brenda? In two days. two days, brenda. two days. No, nobody's going to fire you, brenda. Do you trust me? do you love me, brenda? Brenda, listen. a name doesn't matter. Brenda, i don't want to lie to you anymore. Why would you lie to me? brenda. Did you kiss ms. brenda? Oh, damn. hey, brenda. I think you should marry ms. brenda. Mrs. brenda. It's a girl named brenda at school. Brenda, look at my latest edition. dynamite, isn't it? Hey. hello? hi, brenda. Take care, miss brenda, no... here. Brenda has a little problem here. Brenda and joel patterson. I have to talk it over with brenda... So, i'm standing there, and there's brenda! Brenda? hi. Oh, cut it out... oh, brenda... Come on. brenda. what more do you want? I mean, they just say, "brenda, do the clerical wiring stuff "and don't ask questions." So what you've got here, brenda, is a guy who's been creeping around since at least one thousand, seven hundred pretending to croak every once in a while, leaving all these goods to kids who've been corpses for years and assuming their identities. I'd like to walk you home, brenda. Byebye, brenda. byebye, mumbai. Hello, brenda. i get it. Is anything wrong, brenda? You look pretty, brenda. I should get back to work, brenda. Our little brenda. Brenda, huh? yeah. Give three quaaludes to brenda. maybe she'd cook. Well, you tell brenda thank you, but i've got a girl at home. Yeah, you take me to brenda. Let's go and let's make jb, ray, brenda, tom, our families, proud, huh? Hi, brenda. hey. hey, jb. Ms. brenda, would you mind if they joined us on our date? This is brenda. Good evening, mrs. brenda. Allow me, brenda. hey, birth defect! you missed breakfast again. Her name is brenda, she says to say "thank you" and that she's single. Arnie, it's brenda. Excuse me a minute, brenda. Take it easy, brenda... Brenda? dick! Good morning. this is brenda wyatt, mr. nash. Brenda, it isn't going to work. You're out! you're out, brenda! you are out. That is a very, very nice look on you, ms. brenda. You would say, "how far did you get with ms. brenda?" I think i really like you, ms. brenda. And you gave brenda the account number. Hello, brenda. mind if i join you? She pushed brenda at the playground. Ms. brenda did all the cutting. Goodbye, mrs. brenda. Brenda, ricky and doughboy are out here fighting. Are you renovating, brenda? you like it? Good morning, mrs. brenda. morning, cahuenga. I like your place, brenda. I would never barf in your urn, brenda. Baby has been feed yet? yes, mrs. brenda. That's right, brenda, it's her business. Sir, we need to know when you're going to marry ms. brenda. Hey. what's up, brenda? Hey, brenda. the usual? lots of it. Here is the list, mrs. brenda. You're sure it was brenda? Brenda... brenda, baby! Hello, brenda. hi, walt. Ms. brenda. Oh, brenda... Hey, brenda. Poor brenda frazier. Brenda, i'm not concerned with his feelings. Madame brenda, these are not vaccinated. Hi, brenda. hi. have a good day. Isn't that why you had the affair with brenda in the first place? And his sister, brenda, didn't wear panties to dance class? Garfield, brenda and i are going to lunch. Come on, brenda... what kind of cafe doesn't serve coffee? Thank you, ms. brenda. thank you. thank you. Brenda... isn't it? sure is. If i might add a personal note here... brenda was right. This joint's quite a comedown from your place in hollywood, brenda. Listen, brenda, i'm sorry about before.