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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Bishop prepped it before he piggybacked sideshow.", "She won your bishop.", "Bishop captures b8."
Your move: bishop to knight four. She was doing work for bishop rushman. She projects bishop back in time a few days to warn the others... of the coming attack. Ieaning over bishop rushman. I was returning a book to bishop rushman's library. Bishop rushman was lying on the floor. Sincerely yours in our lord, most reverend john m d'arcy, auxiliary bishop of boston. An auxiliary bishop wrote that? And the bishop threatens to reassign him to south america. Everybody borrowed books from bishop rushman. Oh, not tonight, bishop. We got 'em a sitdown with the bishop and a little dough, and that's the best they could hope for. Whenever the sentinels attack, warpath spots them... then i send bishop back to warn us of the attack before it happens. We had that one about the house with the seven somethings in high school, i couldn't even get past page one zero i wasn't the only one using bishop rushman's library. Hey, mr. burke, they're in back talking to the bishop. So she sends bishop back in time? The bishop came to the house. Looks like he was promoted. he's a bishop now. Tells the bishop about it. But bishop rushman let me stay on way past my one nine birthday. Bishop rushman came by in his cadillac. And bishop found safety, eh? use your minds. Bishop pickering, dr. beeper, this is my niece, lacey underall. Excuse me, is terry bishop working here today? Tom bishop on the phone. yeah? Bishop takes bishop. Bishop, your daughter is not telling the truth. The agency can't be responsible for some crazy thing bishop did on his own. Erica bishop came into the store. Yes, i'm a friend of the bishop. I prayed to god that day, bishop. Bishop was in berlin when this happened. What do you want, mr. bishop? Bishop babysat the doctor... and the rest of us tried not to watch the water boil. Tom bishop died fourteen months ago. Mrs. bishop, i mean. You thinking of benny the bishop. Good morning, bishop. Nah, don't move that bishop. I'm talking about tom bishop. Rook to bishop four. I discovered the other day i'm bishop of osnabruck. I will replace the batteries when i return. signed, suzy bishop. The bishop is in the tower, and all his goods and booty given to gaveston. A bishop! A bishop. I'm sorry about bishop. After the brutal murders of two underworld crime figures: city law enforcement officials are being sought for comments: news watcher connie bishop is standing by::: with a live eyecam report from our sister city: I do know another joke about the nun and the full standing bishop. How can this bishop survive? Bishop worked for both of them. Agency's looking for a reason to let the chinese kill tom bishop. Tiburtino? not the vatican? aren't you a bishop? Her place was cleared out and a letter saying... they were through was forged and left for bishop to find. I told my vicar he'll make bishop one day, and i'll be right about that too. I will pray, bishop. But then i have to find an answer to pawn bishop four. Nice shot, bishop. you must've made a deal with the devil. Mr. bishop, mind if i take a look? carl. He doesn't know anything. bishop wasn't on sideshow. Father, i want to tell you that i'm deeply honored to have a bishop in my taxi. Okay, great. thank you, mr. bishop. That's benny the bishop. A bishop?! And even if i picked you up again in ten years i wouldn't recognize you, dressed as a bishop. Hello? hello, mr. bishop? No, not the vatican. and i'm not a bishop. Bishop to knight five. ... but bishop found a way to get to the sheik. How many years do you get for a bishop? twenty? thirty? That's why i told you you'd make bishop one day. You got greedy, and you traded knight for bishop So tell me your name. cynthia... patrice... bishop. A bishop alone in rome at00 a. m.! Oh, i see, terry bishop is a name. Bishop gorazd has talked to father petrek. The beautiful, the popular ann bishop millaney. Four. you want to hear about them or bishop? Mr. bishop? my name is special agent bestrop, f. b. i. Bishop was evacuated with the last of them on april thirty Why are you trying to burn bishop? Don't worry, mr. bishop. she'll be safe. The bishop of cyrene. He knew about bishop before he got here? he played dumb. this is harker. Mr. bishop is rehearsing 'the iceman cometh' for broadway. Talk about going to the bishop and having you shunned. I remember seeing something about bishop in my south american box... but it wasn't there. Be thou lord bishop and receive his rents. i give him thee. My name is martin bishop. Bishop went rogue. My dear son, i'm not a bishop. Spassky took bobby's bishop. About bishop? no, about you, muir. How did bishop find out where she was? Bishop? Thank you, bishop. Bishop captures b8. She won your bishop. Bishop prepped it before he piggybacked sideshow.