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I know granny says julius beaufort is a scoundrel, but so is my husband, and the family still want me to go back to him. Beaufort may not receive invitations any more, but it's clear he still maintains a certain position. Regina beaufort came from an old south carolina family, but her husband julius, who passed for an englishman, was known to have dissipated habits, a bitter tongue and mysterious antecedents. Regina's not well at all, but that doesn't stop beaufort from devoting as much time to annie ring as he can manage. The best thing beaufort could do would be to go and stay at regina's little place in north carolina. Such a room, shuttered in darkness three hundred and sixty four days of the year, was felt to compensate for whatever was regrettable in the beaufort past. Necessarily. beaufort is a vulgar man. Is it true beaufort has given annie ring a diamond bracelet? Thank you. beaufort, pull up that tuffet. I am sure beaufort can be very intriguing. It's a mistake for ellen to be seen parading up fifth avenue with julius beaufort, at the crowded hour, the very day after her arrival. As usuai, mrs julius beaufort appeared, unaccompanied by her husband, just before the jewel song. Could one see the return of spring, the muchdiscussed nude by bouguereau, which beaufort had had the audacity to hang in plain sight. No, i think it was julius beaufort who started the new fashion. It's julius beaufort who donates the club's prizes, isn't it? I mean, now that beaufort... what the hell does that mean, sir? I think mrs beaufort said that she was. Did mr beaufort really have such a bad time of it when he wanted to remarry? Your name was beaufort when he covered you with jewels, and it's got to stay beaufort, now that he's covered you with shame. Most of her money's invested with beaufort. Beaufort, this is a rare favour. Beaufort always put his business around. Certain nuances escape beaufort. May and i will have a gossip about julius beaufort. Going to see regina beaufort in granny's carriage and... are we dining out tonight? The beaufort house had been boldly planned. Number one on my list is getting out of beaufort. Honest? isn't that why you always admired julius beaufort? You know, she was awfully good to annie when mr beaufort sent her over to the sorbonne. No. it's all due to regina beaufort. Hello, beaufort. this way. Beaufort was intrepid in his business, but in his personai affairs absolutely audacious. "don't let that fellow beaufort be introduced to the girls. " Wade beaufort. it's complicated.