Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Come bearing gifts.", "Did you suggest to mr. bingley that his fortune had some bearing on the matter?"
Strange creatures bearing the mark of the white hand have been seen on our borders. Then l seen them boys bearing down on me. See how you're bearing? just a little straighter. now you're a combiner. "1,200 kilometers in diameter, bearing twenty four forty one degrees." Orcs bearing the white hand of saruman. You have the bearing of a man of honor. And yet to have come so far still bearing the ring... the hobbit has shown extraordinary resilience to its evil. Men up here had a bearing on what they thought a woman was, They came bearing gifts. It's fur bearing. never rabbit. Bearing. bearing three hundred and twenty seven range six hundred nautical. Do you really believe you're capable... of bearing the responsibility not only for your own marriage in god... but also another's? Here's the engine room. the bearing casings aren't supposed to look like that, They say they're bearing too much risk. ... but when i looked up, the train was bearing down on us. fast. In any event, whatever happened in this dreadful kitchen... has no bearing on our investigations. Turn ten degrees south, bearing one hundred and eighty four I suppose my dream girl would come bearing tea and special crumpets, preferably in the bed, as well. Sir, we've got two bogeys bearing due east and closing. They testify that commissioners have indeed come north and ought to have arrived by now in washington city bearing an offer of immediate cessation of our civil war. You have your grandfather's bearing. Mr. mcdermott, that is a supreme court free speech case... that has no bearing in the premises. Nothing bearing the images of the cross, a saint, or rosary could pass. Bearing. mark two hundred and twenty I have three incoming bogeys bearing two hundred and seventy five range: six meters. They replaced the chain on your nunchucks and oiled the bearing. L'll have bearing and distance for you, sir. I suppose you suspect that his fortune had some bearing... no! i wouldn't do your sister the dishonour! Bearing, two hundred and twenty L have the distance and bearing which were provided by commander uhura. Twentytwo typhoonclass submarines departing petropavlovsk, turning southbound at nordkapp, bearing ninety five degrees. Beware romulans bearing gifts. Lt'll have to be quoted in court as bearing on his morals. Bearing at twozeroniner at sixteen knots and headed directly for your position. Major duncan hayward reporting, sir, en route to fort william henry and bearing dispatches. We are talking about a nonexclusive, egalitarian brotherhood where community status and more importantly, age, have no bearing whatsoever. So, how are you all, how are you all bearing up? Gun boss, target cargo ship bearing one hundred and eighty Bearing one hundred and eighty at twelve knots. That's because i'm bearing most of the weight in this pregnancy. They hack it out of the wilderness with their own two hands, bearing their children along the way. Bearing to the whales? two hundred and eighty three degrees, one five two kilometres. With the heat bearing down on your movement right now, we feel it's best to dodge the gay bullet. I guess i just don't know how my private life has any bearing... Hey, guys, listen. bearing going out. That has no bearing on this case. I trust, however, it will have no bearing on the outcome of the case. It is clear that one's intellectual capacity... has no bearing on their ability to love. Alert. three klingon cruisers bearing three hundred and sixteen mark four We got a bearing on that artificial structure. I come bearing gifts. oh. You know, how you all are bearing up. Ln addition, many of the female whales are killed while still bearing unborn calves. Thanks for bearing with us, people. And bearing that all in mind, i'd like you to meet an old friend of yours. Not weight bearing. The sultan has returned bearing gifts. The subspace shockwave originated at bearing three hundred and twenty three mark seventy five Cargo bearing the very spanish names messrs ruiz and montes insist represent my clients, handscrawled in the margins. Admiral, l have a signal closing in on the whales, bearing three hundred and twenty eight degrees. Now here, you see, i got my machine gun lined up, bearing down on the king. Bearing in mind the evidence we have heard, i have no choice but to record a verdict of murder by poison at the hand of person or persons unknown. How are you bearing up? If it has a bearing on the wolfmann case, then we may have to disagree. Best bearing to the uboat: zero ten Steady bearing. they're closing our position. I see you come bearing quite the gift. We come bearing gifts. i'll take that. If i stay on for the time being, bearing the burden at my age it is not because of love of power or office. The ships are bearing at thirty one zero mark twenty one five distance, three lightyears. Bearing that in mind... and given the instabilities of our new land... A defendant's past history has no bearing on present allegations. I see you've come bearing a gift. This has no bearing in your transfer to folsom. Bearing in mind that either i don't know... or it's my ass if i tell you... what is it? Holding bearing. Bearing... death. Bearing to leeward mark is sixty degrees. He had an aristocratic bearing and that was that. What's their position? one hundred and eighty miles and bearing ten sir. Mr. tully, do you have any questions for this witness that might have some bearing on this case? We're gaining bearing. i think we can cross now, will! Steady on bearing eighty degrees! Keep bearing down. Nothing that would have any... bearing on the case. Oh, he's always been a great one for bearing incomprehensible grudges. Get a bearing on hollywood and wolfman. launch the rescue helicopter. Losing bearing, sir. closing seven six now. No, but selfdefense doesn't mean bearing arms. We've got a category five storm bearing down on us. move your ass, people. I come bearing gifts, boys. So, the kind of girlfriend i was should no bearing on what kind of parent... don't use the word "girlfriend" like it takes some weight off your ass. All right. i come bearing gifts. Bearing witness is not a sin, child. I demand a military bearing in my men I come bearing gifts. Final bearing and shoot. are we locked on? Did you suggest to mr. bingley that his fortune had some bearing on the matter? Come bearing gifts.