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Don't tell me you didn't recognize your baby pancaking cop cars on the evening news. I told you when we hooked up, baby, that you were gonna have to share me... with all the bad people and all the ugly events on this planet. Oh, baby. baby. It's beautiful. you look at a baby, and it's so pure What does a baby computer call its father? I want my mommy! don't cry, baby joel. It wasn't my baby. If a baby can come from one of us... we are our own masters. We're going to have a baby. His baby, that and the goddamn roses. I have a baby inside of me, and i don't know. ... where this junkie asshole just fried his baby in a microwave... because it was crying too loud, so let me share that with you. "... to see a man carrying two pistols and a henry rifle... and crying like a damn baby." And there's lots of pages left over for baby photos. What's the matter, baby? you don't think i look pretty like this? From the day the baby was born. Baby, we're on our way. Archer, i know where to get nice baby diamond just for you. Slept like a baby. Dwell on this day, baby, because it was the best day of my life. Nobody puts baby in the corner. Go have some fun, baby. She's still nursing the baby on account of... we can't afford milk for the family. That's an official rule, baby. that's bullshit! Hot water burn baby! Dad, if a guy put a baby down, Hey, baby. hey. And i sleep like a baby. There it is, baby. Good night dad. good night baby. Hey, baby, what's the matter? Shut up! come on, yolanda. stay with me, baby. My baby. You'll keep your eyes open for me won't you baby? He's just a baby! See you at home, baby. The baby is at my mother's, john. We never could get the damn bridge to work... but this baby works just fine. I'll cut you a piece of cake, baby. go on, now. Never hurt baby. Baby. Come here, baby. Oh, in all my living glory, baby. Come on, baby. Oh. good night, baby. Why have you been fighting with the other boys again, baby? Hold on, baby. Take my baby inside. let's all go inside! please! When she was a baby, her mother died in the middle of things, so when she was being born. Hi, baby. Baby? Duchess, baby, come on. don’t you fucking ‘duchess’ me. Hey, baby. time to go. Don't worry about it. baxter, baxter baby... Goddamn it! baby, you know. You like it, baby? School get out, baby gonna tell you some news sure do look good in them baby doll shoes Baby? look at mommy. You finish the police course... you get taken care of again, baby." Hey, baby, i don't care if your motherfucker growing hair... as long as we get our bread. Where's my baby? where is she? Poor baby. Hot water burn tub burn baby. Come on, baby! Just tell me where it hurts, baby. Oh, my baby. she's gonna be okay. it's all right. Poor baby, you're starting to lose it, aren't ya? Deckard only wanted his baby to be safe. I thought we were going to try for a baby. That's, uh, paaaaatrick, baby boy. Okay, baby, okay. i'll be there in two hours, all right? It's all right, baby. it's all right. no. Now, tell me, baby. i won't get mad, honey. Her womb is so polluted, l can't even have a fuckin' little baby with her! He died when i was just a baby. I gots to, baby. Wake up, baby. my sister's gonna come out here. Do you think the baby can handle a little sip? He's a family man who's been married for over forty years... with two children and one bouncing baby grandchild on the way. You don't remember? well if you don't kiss me baby They're having trouble making a baby. Get in the car, baby. we'll just talk. it'll be nice. Baby boy. Please don't leave. i gots to, baby. i am so sorry. Whew! and now, we can make a baby dinosaur. Yes. oh, baby, come to papa. come on. Great. i'm sorry, baby. No! i want to have a baby. He's five years old. hi, baby. You really wanna be the couple that has a baby... to save their marriage? Thank you, baby. It's like a pirate had a baby with an angel. Maybe his baby dies in that camp. I've almost got it! charles, you just watch the baby. But for how long do we have to... baby, at what point would you quit bothering to look for your two million dollars? I can't have your baby. You must be excited, about the baby on the way. He doesn't know about the baby.