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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hey! um... whose pajamas are these?", "Who are these cats?", "Hi. how much are these? help yourself.", "No. who are these women?", "Who are these people? we're in a fucking dungeon here!"
And there they are, these big balloon people... because i found them two weeks after they'd been under the bed. Who are these people? Are these characters autoerotica? These are these are hanes thirty two There are these fun little splurges. Are these all your books, charlie? What are these sides? they cure cancer? Uncle, what are these? I guess you can't be too picky about who your friends are these days, huh? And neither are these helmets. Semmelweis comes along and he's trying... to convince people, other doctors mainly, that there are these teeny, tiny, invisible bad things called germs... that get into your body and make you sick. Are these guys gonna hurt us? What the fuck are these? Are these official? yeah. i figured it could help us track down Well, where's the unit? who are these people? And where are these numbers? Like, are these feelings even real? Why am i chained? why are these chains on me? Look, what's going on? why are these people after me? Are these the clubs you don't play golf with? Are these the... Whose are these? mine. Where are these missing pages, this map? Where the hell are these guys coming from? Yeah, and there are these great places now, you know, these communities... where you don't have to worry about mowing the lawn or shoveling snow... Are these the nazis? You're telling me these mutants are out in the world... and our best defense are these giant metal robots? Okay, what are these contraptions? "are these the shadows of the things that will be, "or are they shadows of things that may be only?" What are these? I can't see. mouth, your father's a plumber. what are these pipes? What the hell are these guys up to? And then there are these. it's from the bible. Are these the same analysts who said that go|deneye couldn't exist? What the fuck are these lot doin' out here? huh? Are these your chambers? Are these the only lights we have? is this everything? Are these the kind of people... that you want talking to your god for you? Where the hell are these two going in such a hurry? You know how these young kids are these days. The numbers that i remember... from the box that was brought here from the other house... are these numbers. Jesus... are these going to get any easier? So, if you say "hope," why are these ira men, who come from your own ranks, returning to the bombings? Who are these guys, anyway? Wait. who are these guys? This photo at the beach, are these your kids? Who are these guys? What are these? japanese sander. What are these for? Whose footprints are these? What are these? uh, those are videotapes. Where are these fools going? Yes, greg? who are these guys? Are these workers free to not work for you, if they so choose? Why are these ceilings so low? They are. these are damaged goods, every one of them, from way back. Are these me mops? right. your brushes. Wait, wait. what are these numbers right here for? And by the way, whose are these? What are these for? you never ride your bike. Where are these body parts? Mr. mccall? what's going on? who are these people? Are these bongos? Okay. why are these three ones? So they found this phone on the body, and there are these images. Are these tapes of you havin' sex with these girls? Well, hello. are these... How fucking fast are these guys? Who the hell are these guys? Are these sources reliable enough? for the post? What the hell are these people going to teach you? Ls it? ls it moving? are these things moving? Are these pictures live? Twenty aa tranches of a. b. s. cdos. a. b. s.? are these... And what these are, these are common expressions that people sometimes say. Are these things real? What are these people doing with this kind of stuff? Where the fuck are these cunts? Who are these jokers, man? look like rajneesh. Who the hell are these guys? priests. What the hell are these little afterschool tea parties about? Are these mr. novello's shoes? All you care about are these stupid cards. Where are these pictures? in his office. why? Where the hell are these guys? These are... these are lemon sherbets. here you go. Shit. are these So what are these spanish guys like? Where are these stories coming from, larry? "only once, every hundred years, are these forces balanced." Are these the shadows of things that will be? What the fuck are these jokers playing at? Who are these people? we're in a fucking dungeon here! No. who are these women? Hi. how much are these? help yourself. Who are these cats? Hey! um... whose pajamas are these? these are