Are these

Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "How solid are these?", "Are these together?"
What kind of people are these? Who are these men? Who are these guys? Who are these people? But inside the glasses are these slide photographs, Are these their fears or yours? Who are these people, these faces? Why are these women so unkind? All right, where are these amazing shrimp? How old are these skin grafts? You know how they are, these religious girls. Are these your flower petals? So where are these dusty springfield loving monks, then? Why are these things never clear? Are these for your daughter? What are these? Wow, are these amy's? What kind of demons are these? What are these locations? How recent are these charts? Are these antibiotics supposed to make you nauseous? What are these squiggles? Are these bullet holes back here?, whose cigarettes are these? ...what are these? Are these the shoes? Why are these buildings different from all other buildings? All right, these are these are yours. But exactly who are these people? Are these the readings for the surface? Are these together? How solid are these? these are