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Yeah, right... get lost! is this adam kesher's house? Ray, take care of this. hold on, adam. Governing dynamics. adam smith... Adam smith said: "the best result comes... "... from everyone in the group doing what's best for himself." I drank canned beer watching adam sandier movies. Adam, this isn't like you. And in your panic, you turned to the now high chancellor adam sutler. Will you please give a very warm welcome... to our own chancellor adam sutler! Adam smith needs revision. what are you talking about? Excellent choice, adam. We've got to do something... you've got to do something adam! Recall the lessons of adam smith... the father of modern economics. This is mr. darby, whom you know and this is the director adam kesher... and his manager robert smith. It's a nice story, adam and eve. It's a recommendation... a recommendation to you, adam, You'd better get down here adam! you've got to talk to ray you've got to fix this. Cindy... adam wants to see jason. The bill proposed by the undersecretary for defense, adam sutler... to close the remaining tube stations passed with... I know. where are you adam? Did you want to tell me something, adam? You see adam... there are some suggestions that are to be brought forward... and i know you said you would entertain suggestions and that's all anybody here is asking you to do. It's called "adrien brody or adam brody?". Thank you, adam. What did you do, adam? Sure is easy to talk when you're old as adam. I think i shall call him... adam. Like a fallen soldier, adam lang went home today, home to a shocked and grieving nation. Okay. adam simon? okay. Adam weise? No, god did. adam. Adam, i don't know who's at your house, but it ain't javier. God. god took a rib from adam... and made eve. Why don't you just put the gun away, adam? Oh, adam, it's been eighty seven years. Adam? adam, can i have that flask back, please? To be going on a honeymoon... adam? Come on, adam, we haven't all day. The scripture says adam digged. He asked me if i knew where adam lang was staying on the island. It's all lies, adam. Nathan, it's adam mitchell. Um... i've been working with adam lang on his memoirs. See you, stu! see you, adam! Michael, it's adam. the police were just in the hospital looking for you. Adam, i know three people looking for dog walkers. that could be you. Adam, check this one out, man. Adam! shane! get down to the mud room now! Adam is the god's hand killer, agent doyle. And i would like to say adam will be... Adam! shane! Dad? come on out here, adam. Adam, are you okay? get the girl, help the girl. Adam adam! adam! This is adam nusbaum speaking. You, me, adam, with mommy. But instead of just talking about these men, i wanna ask adam mitchell to come and speak to us. I hear adam lang's on the island. Adam! no fucking way! not after last time. ... if the man standing in front of you is adam meiks. Adam styler, plainclothes cop, works narcotics in queens. What's your full name? adam thomas mitchell. Oh shit! adam, do you want me to take off my shoes, man? It's adam lang's voice from the grave. Adam, help. i'm getting all yellow! Oh, my god, piease. adam ! oh, god ! Ian. adam, man, how are you? My god, i love it adam! it's totally brilliant. Hey, that's adam simon. Adam. Adam! I just had adam on the phone, trying to get hold of you. Adam... i'm sorry. Hello, amelia. good evening. i have adam for you. Heh. it's adam. yeah? Adam hunter's lysander was shot to pieces three hours ago. We need another pair of hands, but adam couldn't bring himself to replace mike. Okay, we need to get you to washington, adam, right away. How's it going, adam? I wanted to run away, far away... but i still couldn't leave adam... no matter how crazy dad was turning him. Adam. adam's got him somewhere. i know it. Oh, i love you, adam, alex, peter, brian, whatever your name is. Adam, good to see you. thank you. I'm sorry, because i think i know why adam shot himseif. It's because i know nothing about politics that i'll ask the questions that get right to the heart of who adam lang is. Adam and eve lived in a cottage. Tell the truth, adam. Adam, don't. don't go there. You're welcome, adam. Adam? Adam, get back here! help me push! You sure about that, adam? Adam, i think we could hear some of your new stuff? Adam, i got the suspect, one ninety five We've gotta get out of here, adam. The day before mike died, he and adam had a terrible row. Where did you get this, adam? Adam, good god... Adam ! is he aiive? Adam? adam! adam!