Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Come on, adam."
What is your name, son of adam? Adam... I'm a son of adam! When you're ready, son of adam. Hello, adam. Adam, if you're in there somewhere, i am so sorry. Adam isn't home right now. This is why adam carter wouldn't go out with me. Adam. What do you mean adam is gone? I need to know if you ate this, adam. Adam? Adam must have tipped them. I don't know you from adam. Adam and eve? I command you by the covenant of your makers clay of adam, surrender your bond unto me. She desperately wanted to represent adam galloway. Adam was our brother. Hey, adam. Adam, look at me. Like we did with adam. Like adam, for instance. I delivered on adam, and in return she contributes almost 40 grand a year to cwi. Adam had an orgasm. We're like adam and eve. If adam has serotonin storm, it's deadly. I am adam... He didn't want adam to have our lives. Like adam. Who's adam west? When adam duke shot him? His real name is adam matduka. Adam ritter's boxer shorts. Adam galloway took the pictures. I can't adam and eve it. Happy birthday, adam. Offspring, as in, he's adam. So, adam... Young master adam mitchell? Adam deserves his real dad. Come on, adam.