Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello, danny.", "Michael. hello?", "Hello, gail.", "Hello, brenda.", "Hello, nicholas. hello, sergeant.", "Hello, daniei.", "Hello, sam.", "Hello, john. how're you doing today?"
Hello? Hello, stranger. Yes, hello? Hello? rosie? Hello again. Well, hello there, chaps. Hello, this is dr. bruner. Hello, if uh... Hello. hi. Hello. Well, hello. this is jim. Hello, handsome. Hello. can i... Hello! Hello? hi, james. Hello, nicholas. Hello, penny? Hello honey. Hello? hi. Hello, karen! Hello there. Hello. hey, john. Hello. menzies. Hello, evey. Hello, jason. Hello, there. Hello, carson. Hello, hello. Hello navin! Hello, little brothers. Hey hello? Hello. who is it? Thomas. hello. Hello. hey, annette. Hello? leo? Hello, martin. Hello? too late... Hello, boys. Hello, mama. Yes, hello. how are you? Hello, sally. Hello, john. how're you doing today? Hello, sam. Hello, daniei. Hello, nicholas. hello, sergeant. Hello, brenda. Hello, gail. Michael. hello? Hello, danny.